Radit SRL of Treviso was founded back in 1982 by Mr. Mario Crestani. Today it is a leading pest control and environmental hygiene company thanks to its passion, commitment, professionalism and numerous investments in the industry. Radit SRL's activities embrace room sanitization and hygiene, insect pest control, and specific anti-woodworm treatments through diversified and integrated methods in order to ensure the success of the intervention in a workmanlike manner,. fumigation of milling plants and food establishments, monitoring and deratization through the use of regularly registered products and techniques approved by the Ministry of Health to ensure absolute respect for the environment and people's health. All Radit personnel are licensed to use pesticides and toxic gases, which are necessary for the performance of duties.
Radit is UNI EN 16636 certified and is qualified to perform BMSB treatments on containers destined for Australia and New Zealand being now for 5 years one of the "offshore BMSB treatment providers registered" for both HT (heat) and SF (Sulfuryl Floride) treatments


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Pest control, rodent control, disinfection
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In the maritime field
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In the terrestrial sphere

Ecological Treatments

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RADIT S.r.l.
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